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Historyworks Publications is a new publishing house dedicated to publishing The Chosen Path, a Jewish history textbook written by Rabbi Binyamin Sendler. The Chosen Path is:

  • Written from a traditional Jewish perspective
  • Written in a clear and polished style
  • Rigorously cross-checked for accuracy
  • Emphasis on original sources

While designed to be suitable for schools, this work is a valuable addition to any library. The Chosen Path, now being published, is a history of medieval Jewry with a difference. Voluminous citations and selections from original sources invite the reader to envision himself in the places and times discussed, while the author's penetrating analysis of the meaning, results and repercussions of these events provide the scaffolding to understand their historical context. There is also an emphasis on the Jewish leaders in each generation, bringing to light and to life their challenges, triumphs and love of the Torah. It also describes the yeshivos that they headed, those repositories of learning that preserved the Torah. While recounting, sometimes graphically, the persecution that the Jews suffered, the book never reduces Jewish history to a stubborn defiance of gentile persecution. The book is designed to provide insight into the internal Jewish life that buttressed the faith and sustained the Jews for a thousand years.

This is one purpose of this web site, to introduce this book to the Jewish public. However,the true vision of this web site is to act as a repository of knowledge and resources on medieval Jewry. Complimenting the book itself, these maps, charts, essays, and commentary are available to the public as a service designed to increase their understanding of, and insight into the Medieval Jewish community. This project, expected to be completed by 2010, is financed by generous sponsors. The names of these patrons, together with their dedications can be accessed below.

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R' Binyamin Sendler, the author of these two remarkable works, studied in the Yeshivos of Philadelphia, Mir (Jerusalem) and More…